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With a field trip conducted by Asia Viva Travel team in September 2023, we have carefully surveyed each service to provide the best 3-star hotels to recommend to our customers.

Sapa is not only beautiful on snowy winter days, but it also makes people linger and reluctant to leave on sunny days.


1. Plum Eco House

Address: Ta Van Giay village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Phone: 0966 507 111

Location: Plum Eco House is located in Ta Van Giay village, a very suitable location for guests who like a quiet, less noisy space, like to live slowly, and like to experience.

It is a homestay with a beautiful view overlooking the mountains, rice terraces, a small, airy garden. The homestay is clean and beautiful. The bathroom is clean, the wooden furniture is new, and the bedding is clean! The food is delicious, the food service is professional.

The owner is very friendly, enthusiastic, and speaks English well.

The homestay has 2 areas with very cute rooms:

  • Area 1: includes private rooms (3 dbl + 1 twn, all can be added extra bed) + fam (02 single beds + 02 large double beds, divided evenly below and on the attic, can accommodate 5-6 people)
  • Area 2: 2 bungalows for up to 6 people (1 bungalow includes 2 floors)
  • Breakfast set menu

Plum Eco House


2. Mr Tang Home Stay

Address: Ta Van Giay village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Location: Mr Tang Homestay is located in Ta Van Giay village, a popular destination for tourists visiting Sapa. The village is beautiful, quiet and surrounded by natural beauty.

Guests at Mr Tang Homestay will have the opportunity to experience life with the local people. The homestay has 2 floors: The first floor is the living space of the owner, including a bedroom and kitchen. The second floor is a dormitory with 11 beds and 2 bathrooms. The house is neatly arranged, with clean, fragrant bedding and pillows. The warm atmosphere is suitable for guests who like to stay together and interact with the locals.

The owner is very friendly and welcoming, and the food is delicious, providing guests with unforgettable experiences when visiting the homestay.

Mr Tang Homestay


3. De Amor House & Coffee

Address: Ta Van, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Phone: 0968 456 984

Location: The homestay is located in the Ta Van village, a convenient location for guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village, experience the lives of the people, and easily travel to the center of Sapa town.

The homestay opened at the beginning of 2023, mainly for Western guests (Europeans: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, etc.). The newly built guesthouse is very pretty, clean, modern, and has its own grounds. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful, with a spacious space with a view of the rice fields.

The decor is light and airy with wood as the main color. It is simple but still brings guests a feeling of closeness and warmth.

The stairs are a bit difficult to walk.

The homestay has 4 private rooms, 1 dormitory on the first floor, and 3 rooms on the second floor.

Room ratings:

+ Single room: spacious, with large windows to let in good light, garden view, clean

+ 2 private rooms and 1 dormitory

+ Private room on the second floor with balcony, with beautiful but limited view

+ 3 beds of 1.6m: cramped and only suitable for Vietnamese guests

+ Triple room: with bathtub and air conditioner, quite spacious

+ 4 private rooms, 1 dormitory on the first floor, 3 rooms on the second floor

The owners are very friendly, kind and they cook well.

De Amor House Coffee


4. Hmong House

Address: Ta Van Giay village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Phone: 035 954 5459

Location: Located on a hill, you have to travel quite far up, the road is steep and narrow, but in return, the guests here are very quiet, the scenery is incredibly romantic, majestic, with a view that embraces the whole Ta Van Giay village.

Hmong House Sapa retains the wild beauty characteristic of the Northwest mountains with thatched roofs, patches of rhododendrons, bamboo bushes, or a swaying suspension bridge across the dreamy Muong Hoa stream. On beautiful days, you can choose to relax on the balcony and admire the Hoang Lien mountain range surrounded by early morning mist or billowing clouds. On harvest days, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful picture with the bright yellow color or the fresh green carpet of young rice on the terraced fields.

The homestay has a total of 16 rooms and bungalows with simple furniture, with bamboo and wood as the main theme. The first floor has 9 rooms and 4 wooden bungalows, high view overlooking the whole field, many doubles.

Breakfast with European, Asian, and Vegetarian options for guests to choose from.

The staff are very friendly and enthusiastic.

Suitable for guests who like trekking but still ensure full amenities.

Hmong House


5. H’nee House

Address: Ta Van Giay village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Phone: 0966 836 986

Location: Located 12 km from Sapa town and takes about 30 minutes by car from the center of Sapa town, you will find H’nee House Ta Van. This rustic homestay is hidden in a small village. The design of H’nee House Ta Van is a perfect combination of the stilt house style of the ethnic minorities in the mountains and the traditional architectural style of the Red River Delta region.

Unlike many other mountain homestays, H’nee House Ta Van does not provide dormitory accommodation for large groups. There are only 2 types of accommodation here: a two-bedroom accommodation for 4 people and a one-bedroom accommodation (01 Family and 02 Bungalow). Each room has a large glass window next to the bed to enjoy the view.

Rooms are clean, comfortable, beautifully decorated, with mountain views, Marshall speakers to listen to music, and spacious bathrooms.

  • Super spacious family room, 2 double beds, with a kitchen and washing machine.
  • One-bedroom bungalow, one unit has a smaller area.
  • Breakfast is self-service, lunch and dinner are also self-cooked.

Hnee House


6. TALACÀ Homestay

Address: Ta Van Giay village, Sapa, Lao Cai

Phone: 081 800 9389

Location: The homestay is located in Ta Van Giay village, suitable for guests who like peace, complete relaxation, and want to blend in with nature.

The homestay is cute, stylish, beautifully decorated with a great view of the valley!

Total of 5 rooms: 02 double beds with garden view (shared bathroom on the 1st floor), 01 double bed overlooking the mountain, 01 double bed with spa bath, 01 family room.

The rooms are quite cute, with a balcony overlooking the mountains and terraced fields.

Breakfast is served (instant noodles), lunch and dinner are self-service, buy food to cook.

Talaca Homestay



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