les rizières en terrasse au Vietnam

About us


Responsible Travel

Our Responsibility To The Community

With the mission of bringing tourists to unfamiliar lands, Asia Viva Travel never forgets to contribute to improving the living conditions of local people.

Our Mission Goes Beyond Tourism

Our activities not only help the local families participate in tourism to improve their livelihoods, but our goal is also to contribute 10% of our total profit to build schools in order to enhance literacy rates in the northern mountainous regions of Vietnam. At school, the children will have free lunches throughout the school year, motivating them to study hard, strive to change their destinies, and achieve a better and brighter future.

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Our Actions

We are collaborating with the humanitarian project "NUÔI EM" with the desire to build new schools and provide daily lunches for underprivileged children. With an amount of 1,450,000 VND per child per year, we are committed to supporting five children this year, and this number is expected to double next year. In addition to providing free lunches, we pledge to contribute to school construction by providing in essential facilities such as desks, chairs, blankets, uniforms, and creating libraries for the children in mountainous areas. Furthermore, during our inspection trips, we bring along good-quality clothing and footwear to warm not only their bodies but also their hearts.

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Let's Join Hands to Share Happiness

We understand that our actions may not be big, but very helpful. We need the supporting hands of all to increase the number of supported children and the construction of schools. Travel with Asia Viva Travel to contribute to opening the doors to happiness for many young children!

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