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With a field trip conducted by Asia Viva Travel in September 2023, we have carefully surveyed each service to provide the best recommendations for our customers.

Sapa is a beautiful place that anyone in the world wants to visit once to explore and experience. Sapa is always shrouded in thick fog, making you feel floating and creating a surreal and strangely beautiful painting.


1. Sapa Charm 4*

Address: 032 Muong Hoa – Sapa – Laocai – Vietnam Tel: 0214 3871 788
Location: The hotel is located in a convenient location, about 300m from the town center, and is one of the hotels with a view of Muong Hoa Valley.
Hotel: The hotel is quite nice, built on the side of a mountain, with two entrances on the 2nd and 9th floors of the hotel, creating a different point.
Rooms: There are a total of 150 rooms, with a maximum capacity of 450 people, starting from the 3rd to the 11th floors. The rooms are beautiful, clean, and airy with mountain and valley views.
Breakfast: The hotel serves a buffet breakfast with Asian and European cuisine. The restaurant is located on the 9th floor, next to the reception desk. It is spacious and has a light and elegant decor. The food is clean and delicious, and the restaurant staff are friendly. There is also a beautiful view for guests to check in.
Special occasions: For special occasions such as anniversaries, honeymoons, and birthdays, please let the hotel know in advance so they can set up a cake and flowers. There are additional setup packages available for a fee.
Amenities: The hotel has a restaurant and lobby (9th floor), parking (8th floor), spa (5th floor), four-season swimming pool (3rd floor), and conference room (2nd floor).
Staff: The staff are friendly and attentive.
Guests: The hotel currently welcomes mainly large Vietnamese groups from TA, as well as European guests, mostly from Israel.

Room ratings:

  • Superior room: Garden view, clean, airy, with a small window overlooking the garden.
  • Panorama room: 2-bed room without bathtub, 1-bed room with bathtub, with a small balcony overlooking the city and limited mountain views.
  • Deluxe room: 35m2, valley view, comfortable and spacious, with a standing shower.
  • Suite room: 75m2, max 4 people including 1 guest and 2 bedrooms, airy, windows let in plenty of light, bathtub.

Sapa Charm Hotel


2. Pistachio Hotel Sapa 4*

Address: 5, Thac Bac street, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
Tel: 0214 3566 666

Location: Located on Thac Bac Street in the heart of Sapa town, the hotel looks like an oasis in the heart of Sapa. From this location, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the Muong Hoa Valley and the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountains.
Design: The hotel is designed like a magnificent castle with a blend of contemporary European architecture and the ethnic identity of the highland people of Sapa.
Rooms: The hotel has 106 rooms on 12 floors, with rooms starting from the 2nd floor.

  • All rooms have bathtubs and can be equipped with extra beds.
  • Deluxe rooms: from the 5th to the 8th floors, 38 square meters in size, with a private balcony, valley view, and a view of the Sapa train. The decoration is beautiful and boutique.
  • Family rooms: two separate bedrooms, garden or city view, rooms from the 8th to the 11th floors. There are 4 rooms on each floor.
  • Premium Deluxe: Muong Hoa view, very spacious, very airy, very chill.
  • Amenities: In addition to the luxurious and well-equipped accommodation system, guests who choose to stay here can also enjoy a variety of services such as infinity pool, indoor pool, gym, bar, spa, karaoke room, etc. This is a major plus that helps guests to enjoy the full joy of exploring a new land.
  • Floor 1: spa – massage, red dao leaf bath, karaoke, gym, four-season swimming pool.
  • Floor 3: Ta Van restaurant
  • Floor 4: conference room
  • Floor 6: souvenir shop (lobby hall)
  • Floor 12: bar, infinity pool

Food: The restaurant has a VIP dining area with a capacity of 300 guests. The decoration is refined and elegant. Breakfast is buffet, lunch and dinner menu set from 250k. Breakfast is delicious, with a variety of dishes. Having breakfast while enjoying the valley view is very beautiful.

Guests: Mainly Asian guests from TA, few European guests.
Staff: Nice, enthusiastic.
Special occasions: Set up flowers and cakes for special occasions.

Pistacchio Sapa Hotel


3. Sapa Highland Resort & Spa 4*

Address: 5, Thac Bac street, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Tel: 0214 3566 666/ 0868 588 364

Amenities: Indoor heated swimming pool, gym, children’s play area.

Other amenities: Each room has its own circuit breaker and water system, so if one room loses power, it will not affect the other rooms.

45-seat cars can drive directly to the yard.

The staff is friendly and enthusiastic.

Room ratings:

  • Standard: no view
  • Suite room: 38 m2, view Fansipan, only from the 4th floor up, 2m King bed, with a jacuzzi, a Da people’s leaf bath, wooden decor, airy, clean
  • Deluxe triple room: 28m2, Ham Rong Mountain view, standing shower, spacious and clean – from the 4th floor down the view is not very beautiful.
  • Superior room: 22m2, 13 SUP rooms, equipment like DLX, sup view is limited, only 2-3 rooms have balconies.
  • Deluxe room: with balcony, can be created a connecting room with the room next to the wall, standing shower
  • Connecting room: from the 4th floor up, a total of 12 pairs of connecting rooms, two pairs of connecting rooms per floor.
  • Extra beds can be added from Deluxe rooms.

Sapa highland resort and spa


4. Amazing Sapa Hotel 4*

Address: Dong Loi street, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Phone: 02143 865 888

Location: The hotel is located in the heart of Sapa town, just 200 meters from Sapa Stone Church and Sapa Square, and 500 meters from Sapa Lake. The hotel has a view of Muong Hoa Valley and Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, giving guests a feeling of being close to nature.

From the outside, Amazing Hotel Sapa has attracted many visitors with its unique architecture. The hotel is designed in a sophisticated style, with spacious rooms and attentive service, providing guests with a comfortable and relaxing stay with exciting experiences such as spa treatments, massage, outdoor swimming pool, and enjoying Sapa’s special cuisine.

The spacious and luxurious reception hall is designed with transparent glass windows, creating an open and airy space. Here, guests can relax by reading books, drinking tea, or waiting to check in.

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor, just outside the large lobby, serving light meals, à la carte menus, and attractive buffet meals for all three meals of the day, with a balcony view of the mountains. The food is delicious and to taste.

The hotel has a total of 81 rooms: Superior city view, Deluxe, Connecting (1dbl/1twn), Suite (all with 2-way air conditioning), extra bed can be added depending on the room size.

The 7th floor has a children’s play area, an indoor heated swimming pool (small, take the elevator to the 6th floor and walk up), and a spa in the B3 basement.

Room 412: Sup twin, the room is a bit small, the bathroom is spacious and clean, the view of the house and the hotel.

Room 419: Deluxe family (mountain view): 1DBL + 1 SGL bed (3 adults/2 adults + 1 child).

Room 421: Not included in the contract, Executive VIP room with mountain view 2 beds (1 large + 1 small), bathtub.

Room 411 deluxe twin, small size, clean.

Staff is gentle, enthusiastic and nice.

Amazing Sapa Hotel


5. KK Hotel 5*

Address: 25 Violet, TT. Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Phone: 0214 3798 888

Location: KK SAPA HOTEL is located in the heart of Sapa town, with a prime location with a direct view of the mountains and the picturesque Muong Hoa Valley. Reception is on the 15th floor (Muong Hoa Road), the main gate (Violet Road).

The 5-star hotel features a classic European architectural style with modern and convenient facilities and elegant design, always providing guests with the best experiences.

The main lobby has a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner, organizes events, and gala dinners. The restaurant has a beautiful view, a balcony for coffee, clean, fragrant, and friendly staff.

Conference rooms (1 & H3614), spa on the 11th floor, gym and indoor 4-season pool on the 13th floor.

The hotel has a total of 186 rooms divided into 6 categories: Deluxe (dbl/twn), Premier, Mountain Suite, Family, President Suite. The view from the rooms is beautiful, the interior is modern, and the space is arranged in a delicate way.

The remaining 2 categories without a view are all mountain-facing balconies, the lowest being Sup.

  • Deluxe 118p (floors 3-18): 53 dbl & 65 twn. View overlooking Mount Fansipan, can accommodate up to 02 adults and 02 children under 6 years old.
  • 2 connecting pairs on the 6th floor
  • 604 Deluxe Twin, 38m2 including balcony, standing bathtub
  • 605 Mountain Suite (10 rooms) 64m2, dbl bed, balcony with chairs, standing and lying bathtub, mountain view
  • 606 Standard Grand Family (12 rooms), 2 separate bedrooms (1 twn and 1 dbl), 2 bathrooms, no view but not stuffy, can accommodate 4 adults and 1 child, all can be added extra bed even in the living room (Family room does not meet the standard for sleeping together)
    1608 Premier 100% on high floors (10-17), 48m2 two corner units, with bathtub, mountain view
  • 1701 Sup Twin city view
  • 234 Sup no balcony with windows, over 20m2

Sup city view has 10 rooms (16 & 17)

  • 16 Sup Twin
  • 4 DBL
  • 4 Sup twin no balcony

KK Hotel


6. Hotel De Sapa (Sunny Mountain 4*)

Location: Beautiful location, convenient for traveling to visit famous tourist attractions: Sapa Old Church, Muong Hoa Railway Station, Sapa Old Town, Sapa Love Market, etc.

As a newly opened hotel, everything is new and clean. The Sky Bar and Lotus Restaurant Hmong have a spacious and airy space with panoramic views of the majestic Fansipan mountain range.

The hotel has a total of 70 bedrooms, wide corridors, new smell, low ceiling. Each floor is scattered with different types of rooms. High-grade view mountain, low-grade view inner city.

Superior is 35 square meters, about 20 rooms (superior city & mountain), Deluxe is 35-37 square meters, about 20 rooms (dlx bal, city & moun), view to the mountain

The rooms have the same equipment, only different views, superior almost only has windows

All rooms have bathtubs and showers

Indoor hot water pool on the 4th floor, spa on the 3rd floor, reception on the 6th floor, restaurant on the 9th floor

04 on the 8th floor: Family View Fansipan 75 square meters, 1 TWIN, 1 DBL shared one bathroom, the room is clean and beautiful, there is a table and chair on the balcony

Hotel de Sapa


7. Delasol Sapa Hotel 4*

Address: 16 Mường Hoa Street, Sa Pa Town, Sa Pa, Lào Cai Phone: 0819 339 229

Location: Delasol Sapa Hotel is the newest 4-star hotel in Sapa, opened in 2022. The hotel is located in the heart of Muong Hoa Old Town and has stunning views of the Hoàng Liên Sơn Mountain Range and the Muong Hoa Valley. There are also many restaurants and other entertainment services in the area around the hotel.

Facilities: The hotel has 70 comfortable rooms and a sophisticated restaurant and bar. DeLaSol Phat Linh Sapa is decorated with a unique blend of Northwest and classic European colors, creating a new and interesting atmosphere.

Room types: The rooms are clean, comfortable, and well-equipped, with new furnishings. There are three types of rooms: Standard (11 rooms), Superior (14 rooms), Deluxe City View (6 rooms), Grand Deluxe (24 rooms), and Premium Mountain View (6 rooms).

  • Superior rooms are mostly located in the basement and on the 3rd and 4th floors, with views of the skylight.
  • 604 Grand Deluxe Balcony has a coffee machine and a shower.
  • 603 Deluxe City View
  • Premium Moutian View: the highest category has 6 rooms with DBL beds, a bathtub, and a beautiful view.
  • 608 Deluxe City View (6 rooms dbl, twn), shower.
  • 103 Sup twin
  • 308 Sup triple view skylight I33

Restaurant: The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a seating capacity of 70 people, with the capacity to host gala dinners. The breakfast is delicious with a variety of dishes to choose from, and the food is flavorful. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the clouds, making it a great place to relax.

Other facilities:

  • The hotel has a spacious elevator lobby and narrow, well-ventilated, clean, and beautiful corridors.
  • The interior is very good, with a coffee machine.
  • There is no swimming pool.

The staff is friendly, attentive, and helpful.

Delasol Sapa Hotel


8. Sapa Grand Hills Hotel Apartments 4*

Address: 043A Mường Hoa Street, Sa Pa, Vietnam Phone: 02146539136 / 0961059805 / 0979 110 800

Location: The hotel is located in the heart of Sapa town, close to popular tourist destinations such as Sapa Lake, Sapa Stone Church, and Sun Plaza.

Facilities: The hotel is a modern building with 58 rooms equipped with modern furniture and amenities to provide guests with a relaxing and comfortable experience. The hotel has Mường Hoa cafe restaurant next door.

Staff: The staff is friendly and helpful.

Room types:

  • Studio with kitchen: Spacious room, can accommodate up to 4 people, large windows for sunlight, living room, separate kitchen area to serve individual dining needs (small kitchen, moderate amenities), spacious bathroom with both shower and bathtub.
  • Windowed 3-bed room: Suitable for Singaporean guests, max 6 people.
  • Separate 2-bedroom apartment: Jacuzzi, private kitchen
  • Deluxe double plastered ceiling: Quite spacious, with a moderate window for sunlight, bathtub and shower, spacious bathroom, clean
  • Deluxe wooden ceiling: More refined, spacious, airy
  • Connecting: Limited view, small windows, not well-ventilated room
  • Family of two beds with wooden ceiling: 2 beds, max 4 people, large windows, spacious and clean bathtub and shower

Sapa Grand Hills Hotel Apartment


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